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Figures From Our Six Dimensions And Press Releases

Our Six Dimensions

Limitations of Einstein's Perspective Aids in Explaining Our Six Dimensions plus All of Reality

Comprehending the mis-communication of Einsteinian three dimensions ( L x W x D) is clearer once we understand the mis-direction of using Einsteinian three dimensions as our foundation. When we understand there are many methods to measure the six dimensions: Time, Transaction, Entity, Place, Constant, and Human, then the limitation of Einsteinian three dimensions being viewed as the only method to measure place compared to being one of many methods to measure place becomes clear. As well, L x W x D are vectors and are not dimensions. These three figures from Our Six Dimensions clarify how Einstein observed one perspective of reality versus observing all of reality.

The grandest overall concept of each Dimension is Constant / Change (Constant divided by Change). Plus some Dimensions are used in everyday life plus are used in all research venues and those dimensions are Time, Transaction, Entity, Place, and Human. The Constant Dimension is where specialized dimensions are stored. For Dr. Lawrence's research measuring businesses as urban culture icons, two constants of Product Line Extension and Theming were used in the research. Specialized dimensions for chemistry or physics could be pressure, volume, number of moles, temperature in Rankin.

The image to the above left is the Conceptual Framework of Six Dimensions. Five Dimensions, Time, Entity, Place, Constant, and Human are parallel planes and Transaction trans-pierces and is perpendicular to the other five dimensions. Transactions have the ability to connect within and between dimensions, so they are more of an Uber-Dimension. Examples of transactions are the friction between vehicle tires and pavement, you reading this website, you drinking water, human exchanges, plus ice forming and melting.

Dr. Lawrence was unable to locate the testing Dr. Einstein performed to support labeling L x W x D as 3D (three dimensions) in order to duplicate his research identifying L x W x D as dimensions. Dr. Lawrence tested the six dimensions using Stratified Proportionate Sampling of 93,000+ research journals at UC Denver, Auraria Library.  See figure to the right. After research journals were sampled then random numbers were used to choose each case by randomly selecting journal papers from within stratified proportionate sampled research journals. Rounding error decreased the initial sample size from 350 to 347. These results are from 347 published research papers which were peer reviewed, in English, and with references.

These research findings support the six dimensions. In contrast, testing Dr. Einstein's 3D perspective with the same data set of 347 research papers identified four cases (1.1% of the data set) listing L x W x D. Because only four cases were observed supporting Dr. Einstein's 3D, his 3D support the null hypothesis of no relationship between L x W x D as THE dimensions. This test identifies how Dr. Einstein's 3D are a method of measurement which when implemented would limit research findings.

The same concept applies if age groups (let's say four age groups of adults age 18+) were viewed as the only method for measurement of time. If we used age groups as the only measurement of time and queried the same set of research papers, then cooking times, negative time, ratio-level measurements of time, etc would be discarded and not be observed. Potential findings could be four cases (1.1%) of the data set supporting age groups as the four dimensions of time.

These six dimensions: time, transaction, entity, place, constant, and human provide structure to the Theory of Everything and are the Unified Field Dimensions of Everything, meaning these dimensions are not limited to only sociology, urban studies, physics, chemistry or the like. Because the data set was all research journals at UC Denver Auraria Library, then these six dimensions encompass everything. In contrast, physics is searching for Unified Fields of physics.

Our Six Dimensions
Our Six Dimensions

This figure is the Correlation Matrix calculations.  Values range from 0 (weak relationship) to 1 (strong relationship). One can be either + or - with the positive or negative sign indicating a positive relationship (As A increases, so does B) or a negative relationship (As A increases, B decreases).

These figures indicate weak relationships because nothing is above .50. For this research we want to observe weak relationships because we do not want Time to correlate with Place.

Press Releases and Revisions

"Next of Kin: My Conversations with Chimpanzees" by Roger Fouts (1997 or 1998 depending upon paperback or hardback version) should have been included in my book and discussion. Fouts explains a key difference between us and animals is our intergenerational transfer of language evidenced by written language. Printed materials such as books, newspapers, journals, etc., allows humans to use the knowledge and insights of others in substitution of having to experience everything for themselves. Hence we do not have to re-invent the wheel every generation.  We do not have to individually see a live panda bear, perform an autopsy, land on the moon, or see a tree falling to know they and their transactions exist. This reasoning supports the inclusion of authors with their research in the meta-analysis because authors, their debriefings, and their analysis plus data sets are contained units. Fouts also discusses the introduction of sign language from humans to chimpanzees and his observation subsequent observation of the mother chimp teaching her children sign language.

Press Release November 1, 2019.  "Expert Identifies Einsteinian Three Dimension Discrepacy, Discovers We Live in Six Dimensions." 

News article "Meet The 'Giant Elephant Trunk,' Mysterious Cosmic Structures 10x Bigger than Pillars of Creation," by Adam Mann September 4, 2019

News article "Einstein killed the aether. Now the idea is back to save relativity," by Brendan Foster October 30, 2019


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Our Six Dimensions

"Pillars of Creation" image provided by ESA/Hubble.

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