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Official Website Of Our Six Dimensions

Our Six Dimensions by Dr. Stephanie Lawrence

This book identifies, tests, and explains the discovery of Our Six Dimensions.

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Our Six Dimensions
Insights On Our Six Dimensions

Overview of Our Six Dimensions

Book Synopsis 

Our Six Dimensions is written using an autobiographical conversation perspective. This book has two conversational threads:

The measurement of brick and mortar businesses as urban cultural icons plus discovery of the six dimensions. Measuring businesses as urban cultural icons opened the six dimensions for discovery. To be clear Einstein's three-dimensions (L x W x D) is a human-introduced method to measure Place which means Place is a dimension. There are six dimensions: Time, Transaction, Entity, Place, Constant, and Human. Each dimension has many methods of measurement. Hawking could not identify these six dimensions, so he supported Godel's 'Incompleteness Theorem.' Godel posed everything had to be measured before a Theory of Everything/ Unified Fields could be identified.  Except these six dimensions provide structure for the Theory of Everything.  These six dimensions are not Physics' Unified Fields, rather these are the unified fields of everything. These six dimensions were tested and identified using CU Denver Auraria Library's 93,000+ journals to pull peer reviewed, in English, with references papers research journal papers and the data set supports these dimensions. As a sub-group under the heading of Place, four cases (1.1%) from the same data set supports Einstein's research method which also means Einstein's method supports the null hypothesis of no relationship between his method and 347 cases.

Book Insights

Background insights of theory, methods, and data plus book corrections are listed on "Additional Resources" page. Choose "Additional Resources" page along the website page tabs at the top or click below on "Read More" to access additional background materials and insights.

Dr. Stephanie Lawrence

Getting to Know Dr. Stephanie Lawrence

Our Six Dimensions begins a little before Hurricane Katrina. At that point Dr. Lawrence was working on her PhD at University of New Orleans, in College of Urban and Public Affairs, PhD program. She and family evacuated Hurricane Katrina and lived in Tomball TX, returning home to pull drywall, carpeting and damaged flooring, plus pitch mold and mildew laden furniture to repair their house from Hurricane Katrina damage. Additional details about Dr. Lawrence are listed on "Additional Resources" page or click below on "Read More" to read about her. 

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